This was a little before my time
but I think we need to talk about this anyways.

May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy made a declaration:
“We’re going to the moon”.

That moment was a big deal for several reasons—

First, the US didn’t have the technology back then to accomplish that.

In other words, there was no PROOF that this was possible.

Can you imagine that?

I mean really….imagine the whispering among his staff.
“Um, Bob….did he just say we’re going to the moon?”

They must have thought he lost his damn mind.
And to make matters worse, he put a deadline to it by when this would be accomplished.

Which makes that moment a valuable and timeless lesson.

Lesson #1 – Just cause there ain’t no proof don’t mean it can’t be done.

US engineers didn’t have the know-how to make that happen…but JFK said it was gonna happen and that’s all the proof they needed.

Lesson #2 – magic happens when you make a promise to yourself and the world.

When JFK said “We’re going to the moon”, everyone else re-arranged themselves to make it happen.
They gave up their disbelief
learned new things
developed new tools
re arranged their schedules
the universe practically realigned itself to fulfill on that promise.

Which is what it takes to make it in business.
It takes that kind of resolve.
It takes that kind of skin in the game.
It takes that kind of putting your ass on the line.
It takes rearranging whatever you need to re arrange in your world.
The very fiber and molecules of your universe if need be.

Cause when the commander in chief of your business speaks…
you (the ‘you’ that may have a doubt or conflicting opinion)
has the task of re-arranging itself to make it happen.

So here we go…
We’re going to the moon.

And if you don’t have a membership to Boots To Suits yet then get on board now.

Cause we’re launching soon in T-minus 5…4…3…2…

Omar Burgos